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Expert perspectives on interventions for reading: A collection of best-practices from the International Dyslexia Association. Baltimore: International Dyslexia Association. (2012)

Speech to print: Language essentials for teachers, 2nd Edition. Baltimore: Paul Brooks (2010)

The Speech to Print Workbook, 2nd Edition. Baltimore: Paul Brooks (2010)

Speech to Print: Essentials for Teachers, Louisa Cook Moats, (pp. 288).
This thorough and well-written book ties textbook theory to classroom practice, transcribing the process of learning how to read-from speech to print! Working through the excercises will enable you to recognize, understand, and solve problems that children encounter when learning to read and write. Slef-tests are included within the chapters for you to rehearse the language skills presented. complete with case studies, field-tested lesson plans and their adaptations, and extensive appendices of answer keys, Speech to Print is you indespensible course in the art of language. ( Brookes Publishing Company. Moats, L.C. (2009).
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Parenting a struggling reader, New York: Broadway Books. Hall, S. & Moats, L.C. (2002).
According to the National Institute of Health, ten million of our nation’s children (approximately 17 percent) have trouble learning to read. While headlines warn about the nation’s reading crisis, Susan Hall (whose son was diagnosed with dyslexia) and Louisa Moats have become crusaders for action. The result of their years of research and personal experience, Parenting a Struggling Reader provides a revolutionary road map for any parent facing this challenging problem.
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